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HFS aims to be the partner of choice for those looking for quality financial advice.

We specialise in Self Managed Super funds (SMSF's), Personal insurance and Retirement planning

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Our Services

Financial Wisdom Pty Ltd ABN 70 006 646 108, an Australian Financial Services License holder no 231138.

Financial Wisdom Limited is a financial planning organisation that has built a reputation for ‘considered thinking’ in offering financial advice. We are part of the Commonwealth Bank Group and have been a respected name in financial planning for over fifteen years.



Financial Wisdom has appointed Mark Pel as an authorised representative to provide the following services :

  •  Financial Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Superannuation including Self Managed Superannuation Funds
  • Direct Securities Investment
  • Personal Insurance Services

The areas of advice HFS work with most are as follows:

1. Self Managed Super Funds

Some people choose to run their own super funds as opposed to using a public fund. There can be many reasons for this. We assist with advice in regard to setting up a fund. We can also assist with the rolling over of your public funds into your new fund. There are many rules, laws and regulations that must be adhered to when running your own fund. We can assist making sure your fund is compliant and ensure you make the most of what options are available for your fund.

2. Aged Care Advice

It can be a confusing and emotional time considering placing yourself or a relative into residential aged care – but as with many of life’s big decisions the best approach is to arm yourself with the facts and seek guidance from specialists. We have focused our business on making sure you take the right path to maximise pensions and minimise daily care fees. The most important thing to do is seek advice before you make any big decisions like selling your home. You need to know all the options, tips and traps before you make any decision.

3. Public Super Funds

While many people wish to run their own fund many more do not. It is not as simple as just choosing a fund. You will need assistance in choosing what investment option to use, what contribution rules and opportunities you have available when investing in Super. It can be used not only to save for retirement but to reduce your tax and provide cost effective life and income protection insurance.
The investment choices are endless from cash and term deposits to managed funds and direct shares. To make the most of your super you will need some advice to ensure that you are taking advantages of all the benefits it provides. You will also need to work out how much to put in to allow you to retire comfortably.

4. Retirement Planning

This is the most common area people fall down on when looking at their finances. It is usually left too late in life. If you go to see an adviser when you are 50 and wish to retire at 60, if you are not on track to meet your retirement goals at the time, often 10 years is not enough to get you back on track. We like to get people to do a retirement plan as early as they can. The earlier you start the easier it will be. If you are age 30 and have not sat down with an adviser to work out what sort of lifestyle you want in retirement and if you are on track, you need to make an appointment now. We work through everything for you and if you are not on track we will help you get there. This is the most important financial thing you can do. Even more important than owning your own home, if you don’t have enough to retire on you will most likely find yourself having to sell your home in retirement just to survive. The government will not be able to fund the age pension forever.

5. Share Trading

We provide a direct share trading facility. Unfortunately we cannot cater for one off trades for a sale or a purchase. This is due to the compliance restraints placed upon us when trading in shares. We do provide advice and assistance for those who wish to invest in direct shares on a larger scale and for the long term. We provide research advice and monitoring of portfolios.

6. Managed Funds

These are funds that provide a wide range of investment choices outside superannuation. You can invest in just about anything you can imagine. We can help you work through your choices and advise what would suit you best based on your comfort with risk.

7. Personal Insurance

This area is one that people often neglect. We don’t think twice about insuring our cars and houses but we forget about the most important part. If we lose our income due to illness or injury then you will lose everything else. We provide a service to educate and inform you of the options available and the costs and benefits involved.

8. Centrelink Assistance

We also assist our clients in applying for, and maintaining, Centrelink benefits where appropriate. Mark Pel has been assisting Clients with their Centrelink needs for the past 20 years. We not only help you apply for benefits but also help you maintain them by keeping Centrelink up to date all the time.